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claireWEB2I started my journey to health and wellness in college where I worked at the campus recreation center as well as served tables at a “farm-to-table” restaurant. These two part time jobs planted the seed for my passion for physical activity and real, whole, local food and cooking.

Upon moving to Chicago in 2011, I began my career in the creative world as a creative designer and marketing coordinator.  While this was a great opportunity and facilitated growth and learning, there was something stirring in me that rendered me unfed and yearning for more.

In 2013 I made the decision to embark on a journey to health and wellness when I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative NutritionHealth Coaching Program.  In that same year I received my 100 hour yoga certification in vinyasa flow through Core Power Yoga.  My curiosity and passion for learning spark my drive to understand the human body and what it needs to sustain a long and healthy life.

My ultimate goal is to help you understand what works best for you and offer simple tips to optimize your success on your journey to healthy living.  With the right resources, education, and positive support system, I believe that your health and wellness is limitless.