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Toxic Free Sun Balm
Apr 29

Toxic Free Sun Balm

When it comes to sunscreen it is so hard to know from the bottle what is safe for us that will protect us from the harmful UVB rays of the sun but WON’T harm us and cause other problems down the line because of the nasty chemicals it contains.

I got very tired of having to look up the names of chemicals that I could never remember every time I flipped over a bottle of sunscreen to make sure it was safe for the family. I finally decided to just MAKE MY OWN TOXIC FREE SUN BALM! WHY? Because it is SO easy!

Fun Facts!

While researching sunscreens I also found it interesting that a 15 SPF blocks 93-94% UVB rays and 30 SPF blocks 97%. I always assumed that 30 was twice as strong as 15… 45 SPF blocks 98% and 100 SPF blocks about 99%. Nothing is 100% and applying frequently is key.

Sense we live in the hot Georgia sun and load up on sun protectant all summer I decided this year I was going to play it safe, make it easy on myself and make my own sun balm!

This toxic free sun balm recipe is so simple that anyone can make it! All you need are 6 simple ingredients. a double boiler, a bowl to mix it in, a spoon to stir, and a container to store it in!

Benefits of the toxic free sun balm ingredients:

  1. Coconut Oil: Protects the skin and tissues from sun damage and successive exposure. Coconut oil doesn’t block the sun completely, allowing the skin to absorb beneficial Vitamin D. Consuming coconut oil during the summer months can help prevent sun damage. Make sure the coconut oil is pure and not processed. Note: Coconut oil alone will not protect against the sun.
  2. Sweet Almond Oil: Contains a smaller SPF (around 5). Also provides Vitamin E which nourishes the skin.
  3. Shea Butter: Contains fatty-acids along with Vitamins A & E. Shea butter moisturizes and provides a small amount of sun protection.
  4. Carrot Seed Oil: Contains high levels of Vitamin A and contains components that block out about 97% of UVB rays (estimated around 30-40). It is high in antioxidants which which neutralize free radicals. Part of the reason UV rays damage skin is that they create damaging free radicals. Antioxidants automatically neutralize free radicals, giving you double the protection. Click HERE to purchase the best quality carrot seed oil.
  5. Zinc: Provides physical protection against damaging rays and SPF. A non-nano zinc will not absorb into your bloodstream. Zinc oxide is still considered the safest option in sunscreens. It’s the only sunscreen recommended by the FDA for babies. It offers superior broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and will help protect you from skin cancer and accelerated signs of aging.
  6. Beeswax: This ingredient simply solidifies the oil producing a spreadable lotion. Beeswax will melt when exposed to heat. Add slightly more for a firmer blend and slightly less for a softer mixture.

How to make toxic free sun balm

What You’ll Need


Step 1:step 1 toxic free sun balm

On the stove-top, add 1 cup of water to a small saucepan. Place a heat-resistant glass bowl on top of the saucepan. Bring the water in the saucepan to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. This creates a homemade double broiler to keep ingredients from over-heating.




step 2 toxic free sun balmStep 2:

In the glass bowl add: coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Melt the ingredients, stirring frequently.





step 3 toxic free sun balmStep 3:

Remove melted combo from heat, add the almond oil and zinc powder to the melted mixture. After one minute the mixture will be cool enough to add the carrot seed oil.




step 4 toxic free sun balmStep 4:

Once removed from the heat the beeswax will begin to set. Pour mixture into desired container

  • For a jar: pour the toxic free sun balm into glass jars. I prefer the 4oz. mason jars because it is easy to get to the bottle. This recipe will make about 6 oz of sun balm.
  • For an on-the-go option: using a spoon pour into lip balm tubes (like this). This option produces a small amount of sunscreen per tube, but I like the portability of this option. I keep a small tube in my purse or diaper bag (wrapped in a Ziploc bag) for just-in-case hot summer days.

The sunscreen will solidify after about five minutes, so pour your lip balm tubes FIRST while it is still liquid. The final result will be a spreadable lotion. A little goes a long way!

Please Note: Avoiding the sun by seeking shade in the middle of the day is the safest and best for your skin. But if it is unavoidable this sun balm is a safe alternative. I do apply every 2 hours and prefer wearing a hat to protect my face even more.

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Author: Krissy Chin

Author: Krissy Chin






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