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KrissyWEBI started my journey to a healthier lifestyle when I was just out of college. During nursing school I was battling various health challenges and not finding any solid answers despite various blood tests. As I witnessed my oldest sister go through years of struggle with her health and finally find answers with Nutrition Response Testing I knew this was a path I needed to explore. I began using NRT to pinpoint my exact health challenges and tap into various ways to heal my body naturally. Through NRT I discovered various food sensitivities that were causing daily joint pain, GI upset and weight gain. It wasn’t until I eliminated these foods completely that I found instant relief in my health. I have always had a healing heart but this is when my love and passion for preventative and alternative health really blossomed.

I cared for pediatric patients everyday in the hospital that I knew with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle could have avoided getting to the point they were.  I received training for NRT through ULAN Nutrition Systems in 2011 and continued to explore the world of health and wellness. I am always exploring safe new ways to eliminate toxic chemicals from our food and every day life. During the summer of 2014 I discovered Young Living and from the day my oils starter kit arrived I was instantly hooked. Between my husband, new 5 month old son, and me, we were using our essential oils for better sleep, GI upset, stress, headaches, minor colds, skin care, and so much more. I was able to throw out all OTC meds and anything under my sink with toxic chemicals and replace them with toxic-free products from Young Living.

I started actively sharing how I was using oils with others and had such a huge positive response that I began teaching free classes and helping everyone else in my life heal their body with Young Living essential oils. I was finding so much gratitude in herring testimonials from people I was helping with oils. I knew this was the best way for me to use my passion for helping others heal and my love for natural health.

I am eager to help you on your journey to finding better health with a natural twist.

Tune in and learn about Lemon Essential Oil: