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5 Steps To Feel Loved
5 steps to feel loved
Feb 14

5 Steps To Feel Loved

5 Steps To Feel Loved On Valentine’s Day Even When You’re Single

Do you dread this day? Wonder how your going to live up to the expectations of your significant other? Or maybe you are single and it’s just another day that remind’s you of it. We used to hate this Hallmark holiday too until we discovered a loop hole…

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and feel loved!

You don’t need to feed into the hype of valentines day OR feel like you need to impress your partner OR allow it remind you that you don’t have a valentine. Instead use this day as a reminder of how worthy you are of love AND how much you love yourself! Here are our 5 steps to feel your best on Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single:

5 steps to feel loved with spa waterStep 1: Pour yourself a glass of spa water

What is a spa water you ask? Well it is a delicious water infused with fruit, maybe a cucumber slice or two and if you have your Young Living oils handy we LOVE a drop of Vitality orange. Calming and refreshing all in one. (If you add citrus oil to your water make sure your drinking out of a glass container)




IMG_8529Step 2: Make yourself some chocolate covered strawberries

Why? Because it’s fun and delicious! Get together with a few girl friends for mimosas, good conversation, and a fun and tasty hands on activity!

How to make Chocolate covered strawberries:


  • 1 Bag Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 1/2 Bag White Chocolate Chips
  • 3 TBS Coconut Oil
  • 1 Container of Organic Strawberries
  • Double Boiler
  • Spoon
  • Parchment Paper


  1. Using a double boiler is ideal, however, you can fill a medium sauté pan with a few inches of water and place a large glass bowl in the water. The heat and steam from the water will melt the milk chocolate.
  2. Melt 2 Tbs of coconut oil in the top bowl and then add chocolate chips. Once melted dip your strawberries and place on parchment paper on a plate. Place in fridge after dipped to harden.
  3. Clean your double boiler
  4. Add 1 TBS coconut oil and add 1/2 a bag of white chocolate chips to your double boiler or bowl partially submerged in water.
  5. Once melted use a spoon to drizzle the white chocolate across your strawberries and return to fridge!

6a00e008d395a88834014e8a05ee17970d-320wiStep 3: Make a Deep Cleansing Mud Masque

This energizing masque is cleansing, moisturizing, and great for feeling fresh and rejuvenated.



In a small mixing bowl, combine the Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Seed Oil.  Mix well to combine, than add the Essential Oils and mix again.

Note: This mask is best used fresh

Pouring red wine into the glass against wooden backgroundStep 4: Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine

DUH. Did you get scared when we mentioned water above? Of course you can enjoy your favorite glass of wine during our last step!




Step 5: Draw a warm bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath soak with 1 cup epsom salt with 5 drops lavender essential oil). Apply your deep cleansing mud masque liberally to moistened skin, avoiding your eyes, nose, and lips. Cover your eyes with slices of fresh cucumber, then relax in your bath for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the mask away, and follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer. We recommend Young Living ART Toner and Beauty Counter’s nourishing cleansing balm.


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