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Success Stories

Dianna H.

“The Wellness 28 Program has been a wonderful test of my will and introspection. I have searched myself for answers to many questions I have not considered for many years. I have uncovered a new depth of self understanding and spiritual revelation. I initially beat myself up about the lack of expected exercise but have now become less critical as I have grown in many other aspects of myself. I do what I can and celebrate.

I particularly loved the cleanse and all that I learned. I will continue to incorporate smoothies, soups and salads from the recipes into my daily life. My husband enjoyed the selections as well! I lost 4.5 lb’s over the 28 days!

The NingXia Red has been life changing for me. I feel great. I have more energy and stamina. A couple weeks into the cleanse I discovered that I no longer needed my hearing aids to hear! I am so grateful for this program and this opportunity to focus on my health and practices. It has truly been an elevation of my mind and body!”

Aimee M.

“During this experience, I felt mentally and physically amazing! I was proud of my self for making all of the right choices and proud of my fiancé for eating correctly too! Physically, I’ve lost almost 5 pounds!!! I didn’t feel bloated at all and my bathroom issues were regulated!

The first three weeks really encouraged me to begin eating healthy and forced me to look at some things in my life that weren’t helping me reach my goals.

I really enjoyed the Mind Body Elevate group because it was a place to go to where people were in the same boat as me, people that might understand what I’ve been going through. I love sharing my experience with others!”

Katie K.

“This is experience was great for me and happened just at the right time. I was struggling for motivation to lose weight and this helped tremendously, now that I completed one week, no cheating, I know it is possible. Not only do I feel and look so much better, this was a huge confidence builder for me. I feel pretty again and I can’t wait to continue eating like this and feeling this way!

During the cleanse I noticed in the morning I was not dragging but instead woke up with some spunk and ready for the day, which definitely helped since I watch three kids everyday. My favorite part about this cleanse was the feeling after a meal. Before, I would eat until I couldn’t breathe and felt miserable but the meals this week made me realize I can be full while eating delicious food that are good for you and without feeling run down and bloated after the meals. Thank you so much for putting this together and helping me take this new step in life!”

Jennifer C.S.

“No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey you can apply the principals covered and adapt to your lifestyle from this course. I loved the interaction within the group for ideas and support especially during the end of the class cleanse! Great ideas on how to enhance my experience using my Young Living products! Hoping for some follow up classes!”

Jenny W.

“This group gave me accountability, encouragement and ideas that reassure me this lifestyle is sustainable. There’s no pressure to be perfect all the time because we’re all human and “cheating” isn’t a mistake, it’s a choice when you can wake up the next day and be right back on track.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is my lack of fatigue during the cleanse. I was still tired sometimes because I didn’t sleep as much as I needed, but it was a different kind of tired. This time it was my body just telling me I needed sleep rather than the fatigue and bloating I usually get caused by the processed foods I consume. Oh! And I’m down 10 pounds from when the 28 days started!

I look forward to finding quick recipes (I still don’t like cooking) that mostly come from the produce section because they’re actually filling and give me a natural energy. I’m really going to make an effort to cut coffee out permanently … I’ve survived five days without it, what’s a lifetime more?

Thank you Claire and Krissy for your motivation and encouragement but mostly for bringing all these great women into my life for added support!”